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An introduction to the "Publication" feature

Veronica Ranner | Published on the tue Nov 14, 2017 10:11 am | 573 Views

Dear DRM members, 

I added this "publication" feature as an experiment and to provide an alternative to how people may like to participate on the platform. Here you can feature your own content (image, video, writing, draft articles etc.) perhaps a little less restrictive than in the forum section. For now, this is a test phase and if there's no use for this feature, we can always deactivate it again. To me, it felt a bit like a mix between "Medium–GoogleDocs–Facebook newsfeed", so I thought I'll add it for potential usefulness. Feel free to play with it!

Please find the standard introductory text below for further questions.

All the best, 
Veronica Ranner

Veronica Ranner
PhD Candidate
Royal College of Art


What is a publication? What is it for?

With this new zone dedicated to you and your members, the publication system permits you to write articles together, to communicate some knowledge or information you want to share. Indeed, in the publication section, it's not about making a topic to answer to each other but to write together and to share. The kind of content is an alternative to the forum topics.  It's optimized for mobile users. How to use it? It's up to you and your needs!

How to modify the publications permissions?

The permissions of the publications can be modified in order to define which users, members or groups can publish, modify, moderated or read those contents. To do it, you have to look for the "Publications" moderation in the "Modules" part of your administration panel.

How to moderate the publications?

Each new publication has to be moderated by someone before being published. Indeed, before being available online for the users, a publication has to be approved by the moderators of this section.

In this way, several members can take part of a publication redaction in order to enhance its content. Each version of the publication will have to be moderated before the members and visitors can see it.

How to access the publication section?

You can access the publication section by using the main menu of the forum and then going to the "Publication" button. The publications section has a modern, minimalist and ergonomic design, which is totally independent of the rest of the forum. The purpose is to be 100% compatible with the mobile pages and the AMP project.

What is the AMP project?

The "Accelerated Mobiles Pages" project (or AMP) is an open source initiative, held up by several search engines such as Google. It allows the editors to create easily a content and to load it immediately everywhere. If you want to know more about AMP:

As a result, the pages which are compatible with AMP have an accelerated loading and a better SEO on the search engines.

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